How I Was Able To Perfectly Copy Kpop Style

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I’ve always been a huge fan of pop music. Thus, when a friend introduced me to Kpop, I became a huge fan in a matter of months. Many people often wonder how they can be as cool and stylish as many of the Kpop stars they see on the television and on the internet. Thankfully, I was able to find the secret to Korean fashion and the Kpop style. This article will show you how I was able to perfectly copy Kpop style.

When it comes to Kpop style, it’s important to note that it is mostly derived from clothing and hairstyle If you look at many of the biggest stars these days, you will notice that they all have very distinct hairstyles along with clothing styles – FC2 This is important as a huge aspect of Kpop is all about being different from everyone else. Indeed, the aspect of being unique is fundamental to the concept of being a Kpop style icon.

The first thing I did, was to look at many of the most popular Kpop stars today I noticed that the level of style they had was on a completely new level compared to Kpop stars of past years. Indeed, it seemed as though the level of cool and style they had achieved was of a very high standard. I knew that being able to copy their style would be a very challenging task. However, through understanding the essential concept of being unique, I knew it would be possible.

Thus, I went ahead and looked throughout the internet for daring hairstyles that were trendy at the moment. I wanted to find a hairstyle that was not only unique, but also cool. There is a very fine line between having a new and innovative hairstyle and having one that is silly and over the top – After a lot of research, I found a hairstyle that perfectly suited me and was also very unique. Hence, I knew that the going and getting a hairstyle such as this would be a great first step to achieving Kpop style.

when you are the only kpop fan out of all your friends

After I had gotten my haircut, I was definitely looking much more stylish than before. A lot of my friends commented on Academia and my Google + how I looked a bit like a Kpop star after my haircut. However, I knew that I needed to complete the look If I wanted to perfectly copy Kpop style, not merely look like it. Hence, I went onto the internet again and did some research on some of the most popular fashion trends of today. I specifically looked at the popular trends in Korea at the moment as that is where Kpop comes from.

I found that there were lots of low costs, yet very cool clothing trends in Korea at the moment and if you know where to look on the internet, you can find Korean online fashion pretty easily. I looked at clothing styles that would match my hairstyle. I knew this was important to consider as certain clothing styles certainly would look silly with my hairstyle. After a lot of research, I finally found a trend of clothing fashion that was not only very cool and trendy at the moment, but would compliment my new hairstyle.

Once I had completely followed this fashion style, I was always being told that I looked like a Kpop star. Many of my friends, as well as acquaintances, told me that I had certainly captured the essence of Kpop style. This was great, as I felt like I had finally achieved my goal of having the cool and daring Kpop style I had always admired.

Thus, this was how I perfectly copied Kpop style. Anyone else that enjoys Kpop and wishes to be cool like these pop starts should also do the same research I did.


I heart kpop

Best Gaming Laptop Approaching 2017

The Best Gaming Laptop Trends

Gaming has become a huge, multi-billion dollar industry in today’s society. Video games are no longer just for kids and have emerged as a hobby and sometimes lifestyle for adults as well as children. Everything in today’s society is about efficiency, speed, technology, and availability and the gaming world is no different. The days of heavy stationary PC’s is slowly coming to an end as gaming laptops grow more advanced and more relatively priced so that they are available for anyone. If you are a genuine and extreme gamer you know that not just any laptop will be capable of performing and holding the amount of data that is needed to download some of these extreme games so choosing a gaming laptop is a priority and a huge trend sweeping the nation. Here are some of the best gaming laptops trending currently.


MSI G Series GE72 Apache Pro-003 Gaming Laptop


The Apache will come up over and over again if you are researching the best gaming laptops on the current market. The sleek, lightweight design makes for easy transport to virtually anywhere while the high-resolution graphics and the lit up keyboard make the Apache a fantastic product for viewing your games as you play. The sound quality of this laptop is excellent with its four speakers that allow you to game, listen to music, and watch movies with the quality of an expensive flat screen TV. This laptop is an all around good purchase because it has the qualities to make it a fantastic gaming laptop while still being accessible enough to do regular everyday activities.  This is one of the most used gaming laptop used for work at advertising agencies such as Johnny Chen SEO


Acer Predator 17 G9-791-735A 17.3-inch Full HD Gaming Notebook


The Predator is another one of those gaming laptops that you will find over and over again when you are researching products. The Predator is pretty awesome when you are using it in a stationary playing field because it allows you to connect up to three extra monitors at one time. It has a backlit keyboard that is fully customizable and is technologically programmed to get rid of excess dust which will keep this notebook from overheating. The laptop is pretty heavy weighing in at almost eight pounds, so be prepared to lug that around if you game outside of one particular area.



Dell 15.6-Inch Gaming Laptop


This trusted company provides a full HD gaming laptop that is made specifically for extended gaming with three fans and two exhausts to combat overheating before it becomes an issue. The speakers are loud and can accommodate gaming or watch movies at a comfortable range. One of the major pros to the Dell is the longevity of the battery for this laptop You can rely on the power of this laptop if you are on the go or taking it somewhere where plugging it in may be impossible.  Dell and many other computer brands also offers many scholarships to college gaming.  To help push gaming to the top of the trending industry.  Multiple college gaming groups have recuited sugarland seo to help with internet marketing.


ASUS ROG GL552VW-DH74 15-Inch Gaming Laptop


The Asus has one thing that other gaming laptops are lacking, and that is the latest generation USB 3.1 port which provides the fastest data exchange on the market. The Asus has Game First III technology and a seamless keyboard that is comfortable for just about anyone playing the game. The battery has been the one thing that holds people back from purchasing the Asus because it is not extremely good at holding a long term charge but if you are playing where a plug-in is available this is a good moderately priced option for gaming laptops.


Best Graphics Video Game 2017

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